An Opinion on Blogging

Hey everyone,

Blogging is something that is, in a way, controversial.  Some people are really for it and others believe there are a few significant downsides.  To me, blogging is a great thing, though there are a couple aspects of it that I would warn people about.

Blogging, in essence, is a way to communicate your ideas utilizing a blog.  As I, along with several of my peers, continue on our PLE Project “journey”, I think that blogging is fantastic.  Blogging is really up to you; you can either update your blog every couple of hours (providing you have time, of course) or every couple of weeks.  And everything you post is dependent on your interests.  This is one of the most wonderful things about blogging – every blog will be unique in a way, since everyone likes different things and has various ideas about topics.  Take my friends and I, for example.  I have a strong passion for basketball and the NBA, so a lot of my posts have been relating to the NBA.  On the other hand, one classmate of mine is enthusiastic about drawing and painting, so he may likely post about those particular subjects.

With blogging comes the option to connect with others and view their blogs.  If you have a blog, people from around the world can comment on your posts and this brings new thoughts and overall a richer wealth of information.

However, many people are hesitant about blogging, since anyone can view a blog and all the stuff on it.  This was one thing that I was wary about initially.  Despite this, I thought that the views of others and their potential comments would be a beneficial thing, as it would give me more perspectives of something I had posted.

Another thing that I originally was unsure about was what to write on my blog.  I was cognizant of the fact that I could post articles relating to anything, but was stuck on where to start.  After a while, I then jotted down my biggest interests and from that point used the notion that I could blog about any of those things, which was quite easy.

I love blogging and although there are things that may turn a person away from starting their own blog, I encourage you to put them aside and create your own blog.  Blogging is an amazing way to endlessly write about things you like.  The whole design of your blog, its concept… all of this is based on your preferences.

That’s it for now.  Talk to you soon,



My PLE Screencast

Hi everyone,

As a culminating project for Term 2 at my school, I made a PLE Screencast, which displays my dashboard and gives information about all the features of the PLE Project.  I hope you enjoy the video (created using Jing) and leave me any comments you have!




Dashboard Publishing Platform Debate

Hey all,

Aside from following the Boston Celtics (who recently DESTROYED the Phoenix Suns 113 – 88), I have been focused on my PLE Project for, let’s see, the last month and a half.  The time has truly flown by.

An element of the PLE Project was to find, and create our own “personal dashboard”.  There are many different “dashboard platforms” out there, with some of the more popular ones being Netvibes and Symbaloo.   The reason I am not including iGoogle in this is because it will be shut down in a few months.

I recently made an account on Netvibes and started personalizing it with my own interests; however, I kind of found that it was a little too “messy”.  The site had lots of functions for various purposes and the actual design of Netvibes was not the most appealing.

I have not tried Symbaloo yet, but hope to play around with it shortly.

A week ago, a discovered a resource titled “Awesome New Tab Page” on Google Chrome.  I started investigating into this dashboard platform and saw that it received rave reviews and had a sleek, Windows 8 like look.  I decided to give it a try and can honestly say it was a fantastic decision.  Awesome New Tab Page is extremely easy to navigate through and add widgets / apps.  As mentioned, the sliding screen feature (resembling Windows 8) and the colourful tiles play a huge role into my liking of this dashboard.  I would totally recommend Awesome New Tab Page for everyone out there who is seeking a good, simple and modern-feeling internet dashboard platform.

At the end of the day, a dashboard is up to personal preference.  Despite this, I am intrigued as to which dashboard is your guys’ favourite.  Have a look at the poll below and vote for your #1 dashboard!

That’s all from me today.   Thanks for reading!





Celtics Update

Hi all,

Right now, I am a bit upset.  My Boston Celtics have lost 2 in a row, are 28 – 25 and are 7th in the East.  Not that this is devastating, but the Celtics, who were on a great roll, have now lost 3 out of their last 4 (including an embarrassing loss to the Charlotte Bobcats).

Paul Pierce is my favourite player in the NBA.  Period.  He is clutch and though not the most athletic, has an amazing step back jump shot and is a true fighter.  Last night against the Los Angeles Lakers, he picked up his offense considerably (which is a very good sign); he scored 26 points on 9 for 15 shooting (including 4 / 7 from 3-point land).  He also added 5 assists and 4 rebounds for the Celtics.

Before yesterday’s game, Pierce’s shooting was absolutely horrible; however, he was passing the ball and catching rebounds (which some could say kind of made up for the lack of offense).  However, the Celtics, who lost to the Nuggets and most recently the Lakers have looked slow and their shot making decisions have not been up to par.

Overall, I do believe that the Celtics will make the playoffs (either as a 6th or 7th seed).  Even so, I would like to see more production from Paul, along with other players like Courtney Lee and Kevin Garnett.  If Pierce can play like he did last night, the Celtics will have much success down the road and will be a true contender for the playoffs.


My Thoughts on the PLE Project So Far

Hello everyone,

At this moment, I would like to take the time to reflect on my PLE Project thus far.  I started this project about 2 weeks ago and to be frank, I did not know where this project would be headed.  After the first blog post, I thought that starting up the blog again would be pretty cool and fun.  Then, when I received the task of writing about my favourite basketball blogs, I paused for a moment.  With my immense passion for basketball and the thousands of basketball websites out on the internet, I felt a bit confused as to which basketball sites were the “best”.  However, I managed to choose my top 20 blogs and ultimately narrow them down to five.  I enjoyed making these two posts, they but did take a bit of time to write.

My point is, blogging can be very pleasurable, though the amount of time that it takes to maintain the blog can be great.  It does take a while to organize all my information and eventually, write my post.

Despite this, the fun that the PLE Project has brought me has erased most of the minutes I have felt creating posts.  The one thing I am liking about the PLE Project is that we have the freedom to use a variety of different technologies and research into topics of interest.  I am also quite adept at using WordPress, since I have managed a few websites in the past using this blogging tool.

The PLE Project has been a neat experience so far and I cannot wait to see where it takes me.

Yours truly,




Honing In On My 5 Favourite NBA-Related Blogs

Hello everyone,

As you may know, I recently began a PLE Project where we are trying to find the learning environment that suits our needs best.

The first assignment I received a couple days ago was to pick a subject I am passionate and find 20 blogs about it.  Then, I was asked to write about my 5 favourite authors of the websites I chose (though I am going to change it slightly and talk about the best blogs, instead).  The topic I decided upon is NBA – as mentioned in my previous post, I fell in love with the NBA a couple years ago and every week, I can’t help but watch a game or two.

Without further ado, here is my list of my five favourite NBA websites:

Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report is a fantastic website for avid sports fans and honestly, my favourite sports blog.  The main reason why I like it is because of the many visual elements (multitude of photos and videos) and the authors (they definitely know what they are talking about, while adding a sense of humour to every post.  Also, the blog keeps readers quite up-to-date with NBA news and rumours.  If you are looking for an detailed, yet entertaining website about the NBA (and there are others sport leagues on the blog, too), make sure to check out Bleacher Report!

The Hoop Doctors

This blog is another great choice for any sport-loving fan.  Though the homepage is not as “fancy” as Bleacher Report’s, The Hoop Doctors has lots of self-produced videos, neat photos and even features like a mock draft (predicting how players will be drafted).  The one thing I personally like about The Hoop Doctors is the videos that it creates on its own (they are quality and cover interesting topics).  I haven’t explored The Hoop Doctors too much yet, but I can tell you for sure that it is an informative, unique basketball blog that any NBA follower will enjoy.

The Basketball Jones

The Basketball Jones is a blog within The Score website (which is by far my most-loved sports network).  The Basketball Jones provides readers with intriguing, whimsical and well-written posts about current topics in the NBA.  The one downside about The Basketball Jones is the fact that it does not post NBA scores, statistics and trade rumours, but merely funny videos and articles about the NBA.  Nonetheless, The Basketball Jones is a good blog to spend a few minutes watching / reading farcical posts relating to the NBA.

SB Nation (NBA)

SB Nation is a wonderful blog that has news for every single sports league.  In the NBA sections of the site, there are a number of informative articles, to go along with colourful pictures and lists of recent scores.  A single thing that I especially like about SB Nation is the design; the homepage has large “blocks” with faded photos in the background and a snippet of text regarding the post.  The actual articles are an easy length for readers to glance through, while still presenting key information and an accompanying video.  Overall, SB Nation is a wonderful website!

Celtics Life (

Last but not least is Celtics Life.  The Boston Celtics are my number 1 team in the NBA, so this is the obvious reason as to why Celtics Life made my top 5 list.  However, it is not just this that let Celtics Life crack my top 5 blog list.  The front page is awesome, with photos and trending articles about the Celtics.  Other features of the site include a video vault, the Celtics schedule, comments and a shirt store (with hilarious designs) about the Boston Celtics.  From the countless videos to the fascinating articles, Celtics Life is an awesome blog to round up my top 5 list.

That’s all from me today.  Be sure to browse the above blogs that I wrote about, as you might start to like the NBA (and hopefully the Celtics)! 🙂

Yours truly,


Time to Start Fresh

Hey guys,

So it’s me again and after about a 3 year hiatus, I have decided that I am going to start up this blog.  Right now, I want to tell you about some of my passions.  Things I love include swimming (I swim competitively), basketball (playing-wise, I definitely need to improve, but I absolutely love watching the NBA… go Celtics!), musical theater, rowing, excelling at school and, in general, life.

I am currently involved in a school project in which we are developing our Personal Learning Environment (PLE).  This is basically the setting where you can study the most efficiently and achieve your optimal “learning experience”.  I think it will be very interesting to see what my PLE is and I’ll update you guys along the way.

Until the next time,